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Herbal Toothpaste '  Herby '

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Herby Tooth Paste based on 100% herbal medicines has natural power to penetrate mucous membranes, more then 100 times comparing to any other tooth paste or powder or gel.  All of its ingredients have natural antiseptic, astringent, and analgesic properties; thus it gives complete protection and cure to sensitive teeth, toothache, swollen and bleeding gums.

Herby reinforces gums while resists plaque formation. It also acts as a supreme mouthwash to keep daylong freshness. In fact, Herby is a thorough natural treat for teeth and gums. 


MYRRH Oil: is an astringent and antibacterial, antiseptic, cures gingivitis Pyorrhea, mouth infections such as ulcers, give relief to inflamed mouth and throat tissues, gives strength to Gum tissues, its pleasant aroma control bad breath odors.

CLOVE Oil: is known to have anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and has soothing effects on sore gums tissues, it helps to keep teeth strong and gums healthy.  It prevents tooth decay and counter halitosis i.e. bad breath, anti-bacterial relieves toothache.

LIQUORICE Extract: Relieves sore throat, gives relief in oral inflammation. In our toothpaste we have used this as flavoring agent.

PEELU Extract: Its natural antiseptic, breath freshener, kills harmful micro-organisms in the mouth, strengthening Gums from disease, eliminates toothaches and mouth bad odors and improves sense of taste.

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